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Our line of liturgical furnishings has been inspired over the years by the neocatechumenal way. The initiator of this Way, Kiko Arguello, thought in the 1970s that brothers needed liturgical signs during the community celebrations that expressed a new aesthetic. Those signs, through beauty and harmony, would allow a more perfect participation to what sacraments mean and realize.


Arredi Neocatecumenali, Cammino Neocatecumenale

Paschal Candle – Light beyond the darkness

In this article you will find the story of the Paschal Candle, its meaning, curiosity and rituals about thi Christian symbol.

Paschal Candle

From the beginning of Christianity, Paschal vigil, was the center of liturgical year as well as of the christian life . “The Night of the nights” whe the Lord comes to save his  people from the slavery of the sin.

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History of Icons – Cana’s Wedding

Neocatechumenal icons: Cana’s wedding

The icon of the Wedding of Cana derived from a stained glass window made by Kiko Arguello for a small chapel located in Rome; Unfortunately, access is not allowed to visitors.

Kiko made the design in 2014. In the center the two spouses are faceless as to signify that the bridegroom and the bride are eternal in God. Next to the right, two dwarves one of which

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Holy mass wine – Fruit of the vine



MONTE CARMELO is the liquer red wine for the Holy Mass. It was produced in the 1989 by Palermitan winemaker Beppe Martino, who deal with the grapes and the CAAL Liturgical Center of Rome. The characteristics of this product meet/satisfy the specific ecclesiastical requirements concerning wine for Holy Mass.