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History of Icons – Cana’s Wedding

Neocatechumenal icons: Cana’s wedding

The icon of the Wedding of Cana derived from a stained glass window made by Kiko Arguello for a small chapel located in Rome; Unfortunately, access is not allowed to visitors.

Kiko made the design in 2014. In the center the two spouses are faceless as to signify that the bridegroom and the bride are eternal in God. Next to the right, two dwarves one of which

raises the cup of wine: it is the master of table praising the master of the house for good wine. Below the jars filled with water for purification in the MIKVAH basin.


Wedding of cana

Wedding of cana


To the left, Jesus with her mother Mary tells her son “they have no more wine“. In the center, the bride puts his hand in the cup that contains wine, a symbol of Redemption in the Blood of Christ. Eve, mother of all men, touched with the hand the tree of knowledge of good and evil.